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Digital X-Ray

New to our office is:

20/20 Imaging C-DRNL with Mini Pacs & HCMI High Frequency X-ray System


This new technology allows us to obtain x-rays in real time (without the need for processing films) with greater efficiency, which means less radiation exposure to the patient!  The X-Pipe technology allows for sharper image clarity.  The software allows window level contrast adjustments and magnification and zoom capabilities.  There is a bone contrast feature that allows for enhanced diagnosis.  The software tools allow for specific structural measurements such as Scoliosis as well as Georges Line which is utilized to assess ligamentous integrity in the cervical spine following motor vehicle accidents.


If you have any questions regarding our Digital X-Ray system or any other questions pertaining to the x-ray process in general, please feel free to contact Dr. Muldavin.