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For 30 years, Muldavin Chiropractic has been relieving pain and improving the quality of life to thousands of Sacramento area residents. Dr. Muldavin is a Certified expert in trauma cases resulting from Auto Accidents, Personal and Industrial Injuries. He also specializes in general practice and sport’s injuries for patients of all ages to help achieve improved health and biomechanical performance.



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Dr. Daniel Muldavin

Dr. Daniel Muldavin

Since 1987, Dr. Daniel Muldavin has helped thousands of people in the greater Sacramento area achieve and maintain improved health. Drawing from nearly four decades of experience in kinesiology, exercise physiology, sports medicine, nutrition, chiropractic and postgraduate training, Dr. Muldavin’s approach to wellness, spinal care and rehabilitation has positively impacted injured workers, accident victims, athletes and individuals with pain and health-related issues.
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