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Primary Spine Care

Primary Spine Care Qualified

Dr. Muldavin received the certification of being Primary Spine Care Qualified on November 14, 2018! This credential, along with his certification of Trauma Qualification Team Member, required over 120 hours of post graduate education which entitles him to teach medical doctors for their continuing education.


To be Spinal Care Qualified means being the first referral option (portal of entry) for mechanical spine pain in instances other than fracture, tumor, infection, or dislocation (anatomical sources of pain).  Anatomical spine pain is only responsible for 5 – 10% of all back pain and the remaining 90 – 95% is mechanical spine pain of which there is no pharmacological solution.


Unfortunately, the medical profession has not been trained in the biomechanics and treatment of mechanical spine pain (the majority of spine pain) and thus tends to prescribe medications (opioids) as if it were for anatomical back pain instead, which in part has led to the opioid crisis. Chiropractic is the only profession trained exclusively to diagnose, treat and manage mechanical spine pain without the need of medications (opioids).


A true Primary Spine Care Provider Manager (such as Dr. Muldavin) includes being able to accurately diagnose and triage (refer) the 5 - 10% of anatomical cases of spinal pain to the appropriate medical specialists, whether it be the hospital emergency department, neurologist, or a physiatrist.  It is with this focus that a well trained chiropractor such as Dr. Muldavin can assume the role that no other professional can.