Are there any new changes to the Worker’s Compensation System? Can I still see Dr. Muldavin for my Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Yes. The last changes to the Worker’s Compensation System were in 2012 (SB863) which modified some of the major changes established in 2004 (SB899). The laws state that for injuries after 2004, your chiropractor can be your primary treating physician for up to 24 chiropractic visits. Please refer to the Work Injuries page for detailed information.

Can I pre-designate a Chiropractor to be my Primary Treating Physician in case I am injured at work?

Yes. The newest law SB863 states that if you fill out a “Pre-designation Form” (see our office for this form) before your injury and get it to your employer and/or HR department, you may see your Chiropractor on the 2nd visit. (Your employer has a legal right to send you to the physician of their choosing for the initial exam) The new law SB863 actually strengthened patient’s rights for ‘Pre-designation’. Please see our Work Injuries page for detailed information.

Why don’t I just take an aspirin to treat my pain?

Taking any kind of “pain killer” is only a temporary/quick fix and only treats the symptom. Chiropractic care treats the cause of the symptom/pain.

Are you able to prescribe medications?

No. Chiropractic is a drugless profession and we do not have the ability to prescribe medications. Our goal is to relieve pain and restore health without unnecessary medications. However, when required, Dr. Muldavin will provide referrals to prescribing physicians or work with your previously established health care provider.

Will I feel forced to accept a long term treatment plan?

Not at all. Dr. Muldavin’s philosophy is simple – We don’t push. We never push anyone to anything they do not feel they really need. Dr. Muldavin’s job is to perform an exam and then, depending on what he discovers from that exam, tell you what he feels is the best treatment for your condition and it is then your job to decide if that is what you want and how fast (if at all) you want to proceed.

Do you use “cracking” techniques or external devices for patient adjustments?

Dr. Muldavin does not use any external devices to adjust or “crack” during his adjustments. He performs gentle, but effective hands on adjustments based on motion palpation to restore function and relieve pain. Dr. Muldavin utilizes several advanced soft tissue treatment techniques, including post-isometric relaxation and myofascial and active release techniques to help restore function.

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is the art of using specific force in a precise direction to a joint that is locked up or not moving properly. By restoring joint fluidity, the bones gradually resume their normal position, allowing for range of motion to increase and the nervous system to work properly.

Will I be sore after an adjustment?

With the majority of patients, there is no appreciable discomfort after the initial treatment. For some, soreness may be experienced as the body adjusts to a new regimen, just like when trying a new exercise for the first time. Dr. Muldavin treats each patient individually rather than follow a formula. Sessions will be modified based on your feedback, tolerance and body responsiveness.

Is there risk of further injury from your adjustments?

This is very rare! Dr. Muldavin uses gentle techniques and identifies potential trouble spots during an initial evaluation appointment. He reviews past history and any diagnostic lab testing that has been performed. He believes in graduated treatment intensity and rigorously follows safe practice guidelines to avoid further injury.

What makes Muldavin Chiropractic so special?

Dr. Muldavin is a leading expert for management and treatment of auto accident/personal injury and industrial injuries. He is dedicated to clinical excellence and extensive post graduate education and was recently certified as an active Trauma Team Member for the Academy of Chiropractic. Dr. Muldavin has over 30 years of experience and the Muldavin Chiropractic team members are dedicated to serving your needs and are the best of the best.

Why would I go to a Chiropractor if I am not in any pain?

We must remember that not having any symptoms does not mean that we are free of “problems.” Only 10% of the nervous system feels pain. Studies have shown that Chiropractic care has many other non-pain related benefits such as: improved brain clarity, muscle strength, agility, balance, enhanced immune system function, and blood pressure. Up to 33% of patients who come in for pain symptoms report improvement in digestion, breathing, vision, and many other non-pain related issues. Regular chiropractic supportive care is a fantastic health habit which helps restore and maintain health. Research the benefits of chiropractic.

I’ve heard that most Chiropractic offices are “in and out” places. How can I be sure that the staff at Muldavin Chiropractic is different?

While it may seem that patients are being rushed in and out in a busy office, you can be assured that Dr. Muldavin and his staff care very deeply about you and your well being. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome. Yes, some visits may be quick but only because that is all the treatment needed. Our patients are our family so your thoughts and feedback are very important to us, so as a patient we ask that you let us know how we’re doing at any time. And we are here to answer any questions that arise, just give us a call, send us an email, or even message us on Facebook! Use whatever type of communication you feel most comfortable with.

How does Chiropractic work?

Chiropractic helps restore the function, positioning, and motion of the spine. Since the spine contains your nerves, which control all structures and organs of the human body, there is not only relief of pain but also improved health and wellness as a result of optimal functioning of the spine and nervous system.

How many treatments will I need to feel better?

This depends on the severity of your injury, overall health and personal response to treatment. Dr. Muldavin will diagnose your condition and recommend a treatment plan to relieve pain, maintain health and prevent re-injury. Patient comfort levels are paramount – we never mandate treatment quotas or insist on unnecessary visits.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. For specifics, please see our Insurance Policy link or call the office at (916) 455-5404 with any additional questions. You may also email our office staff with any questions and/or insurance details so that we may check your insurance coverage.

How long is an average appointment?

The initial patient visit is anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the complexity of your condition and/or situation. Regular treatments range from 10-15 minutes and can be longer if physical therapy is necessary.

I think I may have a pinched nerve, what is that exactly?

Nerves are commonly irritated when the tissue is rubbed, scraped or stretched. About 70% of the time this is due to a loss of normal spinal curvature or irritation by malfunctioning spinal joints. A true pinched nerve occurs less than 15% of the time.

How can Chiropractic help my traditional health program?

Just as a well-balanced diet achieves optimal nutrition; Chiropractic care endorses well-balanced wellness. As a complement to traditional modalities, Chiropractic both restores and maintains function to the spine and nervous system. This improves overall body performance, keeps us moving and promotes health.